Are you facing infertility / progeny issues? Now solve all your pregnancy related questions with the kundli child prediction free. Also, find out the reason for the delay based on the astrology for childbirth for free.

Astrology has the answers to all problems besides those associated with pregnancy. Pregnancy problems are very important problems for all couples. How modern science can help you cope with pregnancy problems can be overwhelming in many ways.

Thus, the astrology for childbirth for free is transformed into the principle of a unique and reliable technique for the treatment of.

What are the positive signs of pregnancy in the horoscope?

According to kundli child prediction free If the planet Jupiter is in a good place in the birth horoscope, then this is considered auspicious. If Lord Jupiter is present in the fifth house, the results will surely be favorable. But if the planet Jupiter is in one of the 6, 8, or 12 houses, it can cause serious problems during pregnancy.

What are the main reasons for delayed labour?

There can be many reasons for the delay of childbirth, but it is still a broader category to study problems by baby prediction astrology:

  • Harmful planets: pests, for example, Lord Saturn, Rahu and Ketu indicate instability in the pregnancy prediction. It points out the risk of miscarriage or miscarriage when they operate in Mahadash, Dasha or Antardash, and it also points out when they pass or affect the 5th house in astrology.
  • Mars: With childbirth prediction in kundli you can find the location, appearance, and transit of the planet Mars are also very carefully analyzed. This helps predict whether the baby will be born naturally, surrogate, or surgically.
  • 5th House: Of the 12 signs of the zodiac, an experienced astrologer considers the signs that are present in the 5th house, since this house greatly influences pregnancy and childbirth.
  • Dosha: If the dosha invokes the horoscope of a husband or wife (lack of conjunction of the planets in the native's horoscope due to previous Janam and karma), it is likely that many events and aspects of life will be greatly affected, including the birth of a child as per the pregnancy prediction horoscope free.
  • Unfavorable Gems: Wearing unfavorable gemstones can also create problems during a native's pregnancy based on kundli child prediction.

No astrologer would consider kundli alone to child birth prediction, and the use and accuracy of the split chart predictions and free child prediction astrology cannot be ignored.

If you are still confused and not sure how to use Vedic astrology to predict the future of a baby, you can talk to an astrologer online and answer all your questions.

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